4 Ways INBTV Can Enhance Patient Experience

Published on February 8th, 2023.


What if your dental patients did more than just sit in your waiting area or treatment rooms? What if they could be educated, informed about your elective dentistry, continuously ask them for referrals and Google reviews and even remind them about their insurance benefits, government benefits and more. INBTV is a complete internal marketing system that is cost-effective, totally adjustable, adaptable, and simple to use!


Start conversations in the waiting room or chairside!

INBTV blends personally tailored programming with up-to-date practice information to spark patient interest and enthusiasm about the dentistry you love and your patients needs.Take advantage of this opportunity to market your Invisalign, dental implants, and teeth whitening treatments
INBTV stimulates curiosity and motivates patients to ask questions when they are face to face with you.


Highlight Patient Reviews & Get More Google Reviews!

INBTV highlights your existing reviews and encourages patients to scan a custom QR code to review your practice while they wait for you. This makes it easy for your team to focus on dentistry and leave the marketing to us. Now that’s something to smile about.


Reap The Rewards of Patient Education!

On average, patients spend about 5 minutes in your waiting area and 45 minutes in the chair. That is more than enough time for INBTV to educate your patients on at least 5 topics, if not more. Imagine what this could do for the productivity of your practice. Educational videos can answer common questions patients are embarrassed while prompting others to ask questions about things they had never thought of previously. INBTV can also keep patients informed about changes in your practice – from hours of operation to emergency service information.


Ease Patient Anxiety For A Better Patient Experience!

Ensuring your patients are better informed about the treatments you provide can help to reduce dental fear and anxiety. INBTV communicates your approach to treatment and philosophy of care through custom messages. We also include trivia and funny videos to entertain your captive audience. You decide how much of it is necessary.


Get Started Today With INBTV!

Internal marketing is a strategic part of your practice’s growth. INBTV is a complete internal marketing system that is fully customizable. It leverages the power of visual communication. Get started today for $149/ month + HST for the next 12 months. There is a $250 setup fee.
If you would like to find out more about INBTV for your dental practice, please call 416-619-9132 for a demonstration or visit inbtv.ca to learn more.



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Attracting new patients to your office is always a challenging task. One way to attract the new generations is through online paid advertising on Google search, and display ads on Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We specialize in managing local, advertising campaigns for dentists so as to impact the bottom line: more calls and more new patients.  Let us customize a plan and budget that works for you!


For as little as 45-55 cents/piece

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The cost for the campaign is

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