All Inclusive 1-year Marketing Packages

Budget accordingly

If your goal is to get your business off to the right start, you will need to invest your resources wisely. Start with a marketing budget before submitting your proposal to your financial institution. Your financing is more likely to be approved, if they see that you have a marketing plan in place. It’s the key to success! Make a list of the things you want to do before and after the business opens. To do things properly, here is what a typical marketing budget looks like:

  • Brand new Dental Office: ~$10>>>$20,000
  • Brand new Spa/Medispa: ~$15>>>$25,000
  • Brand new Medical Office: ~$10>>>$15,000

We offer complimentary assessments

Every budget is different, but these figures should allow you to brand & promote your business for the first 6-12 months. If you need help setting up your marketing budget, talk to one of our marketing professionals. At Identity Namebrands Inc, we will be happy to assess your particular needs; it’s complimentary.

All Inclusive 1-year Marketing Packages

Dental Package Spa & MediSpa Package
Medical Package    

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